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    “I got this last week and I just LOVE IT! I used to shave twice a week with a 5 bladed razor and had tried 3 and 4 bladed razors in the past and it was a chore…only a little better than having stubble. With the Weishi, it’s a real joy to shave. It took a little getting used to but it was so worth it. After 4 shaves, I had not nicked myself once and my face was baby smooth! Now I look forward to shaving!!!”

    I lived for  few years in St Paul, so I know what it is like in the winter with chapped skin and razor burn – yowsers! Make sure that you apply a heavy face cream once the weather dips down – I like getting an unscented one, so I can add a few drops of aftershave  and still get the moisturizing effect.

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    This just in from Rebecca G.

    I have always hated to shave. I mean it’s tedious and often causes cuts and nicks (how very unladylike). And yet, being from a family where women are still women, I wouldn’t dare walk out that door showing hair that was not on my head.

    I have tried every razor under the sun (and waxing to boot). Shaving has always brought on horrifying cases of razor burn. I even ended up spending an afternoon soaking my legs in freezing water to bring down the swelling before a night out. I turned to waxing. It was a great alternative until I got my credit card bill. Unwilling (and unable) to spend that much on beauty, I stumbled upon the RetroRazor.

    The RetroRazor means I can shave, without razor burn, with very little monetary expense to myself. My legs are just as smooth as waxing, but without the painful ripping and the even more painful bill. Whoever says this is a man’s razor, has not met my legs. I recommend RetroRazor to every lady looking for the smoothness of a wax, without the pain and financial burden.


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    Swimmers at the 2007 Kingdom Games in Den Haag

    Training and hard work are the key factors to explosively increasing performance, and natural ability sets the foundation to where you are starting. Working with your coach to create a plan that reinforces your strengths, and builds up your weaknesses will maximize your internal potential – take their advice, as they are trained to work with you individually.

    Among racing atheletes, reducing resistance is one important way to maximize your performance.

    Buy a RetroRazor and Save Hundreds!

    Michael Phelps is in on the Shaving Action…
    check about a 1:15 (one minute, 15 seconds) into this hilarious video from Swimnetwork.com

    And we all know what a hundredth of a second can mean in a high-stakes race!

    Laminar Flow is “Basically it’s how a fluid (in this case water) passes over and around an object.  Anything that resists the flow slows things done, it’s like friction, but a little different.  The key thing with water is that interruptions in the flow causes ripples and eddies that sap power as well.  I dated some swimmer in the past and they actually let their body hair grow in practice time, making them work harder for their times, then for meets shave.  Even the feeling, they said, of being that smooth and the difference in the way the water flowed over their bodies made them feel faster.  Of course it actually does.” according to the Homely Scientist

    Women Swimmers have it easy, since shaving is a societal norm. Consider moving to an environmentally sound Safety Razor to reduce waste, and save a ton of money on replacement blades. The RetroRazor will save you over 90% compared to a multi-blade cartridge such as the Venus. And of course the shave is even closer and without razor burn!

    Men, you have it a bit Rough

    Mike Gustafson says it best:

    “…for the teenage boy, no task fully and completely ostracizes a male from his peers like one thing: The shaved legs.

    It’s the final hurdle. Once that razor cuts those hairs, it’s all over. There’s no going back. You’ve shaved your legs. Every single truth-or-dare, you can never say “I’ve never shaved my legs.” If your kid, for whatever reason, asks you, “Daddy, have you shaved your legs?” you must say “Yes, son, Daddy has done that.” And finally, shaving your legs doesn’t exactly enhance your dating scene. No teenage girl wants to date a dude with shaved legs, no matter how cute, dreamy, handsome, charming, or funny you think you are.

    The worst part is: it doesn’t matter if you try to hide it, flaunt it, disguise it, or redirect it. People find out, and you become known as “the shaved-legs dude”.”

    Shaving Down is one factor in increasing your performance.

    Shave Close, Shave Cheap, Shave Green, Shave Time: RetroRazor is your best solution

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    In Late August, RetroRazor was approached to help with the launch of David Arquette, David Bedwell (Original Penguin and Perry Ellis), and Ben Harper’s new Eco-clothing line Propr at the New York Fashion Week – It also coincided with David Arquette’s Birthday and RetroRazors were given as gifts to attendees (along with Nixon Watches and Lomo Cameras)

    RetroRazor was a ‘total hit’ among attendees, and hopefully some shaving habits will be changed among the Hollywood crowd and New York Fashionistas!


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    Elliot from Father of the Year wrote about his experiences with RetroRazor:

    After a week of shaving with the Retro, I have some answers:

    • The first few times I got a few nicks – nothing more than usual.  By the end of the week, I was only getting 1 nick at the most.  The trick is to not press down very much with the razor.  The blade is sharp – let it do it’s thing.
    • It is easy to find stuff on the internet – check out the Retro Razor Store for razors and accoutrements.
    • One blade seems to last for 3 shaves – you can get a 5 pack of blades for around $2.  Do the math – this is MUCH cheaper than buying those insanely expensive cartridge blades at the grocery store.
    • You can use regular shaving cream, but why not try something new?  There are a lot of soaps and creams out there that are a lot better for your face.  Why not have a little fun with this?
    • The coup de grace?  No razor-burn.  Period.

    Read more about his thoughts on Classic Safety Razors


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    Besides the use of the dreaded Fusion, this is an alright introduction

    Another article on Shaving from Esquire
    And from Rodney Cutler


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    Second round of the French presidential electi...

    Image via Wikipedia

    Here at RetroRazor, we are pretty low-key about politics, religion, and sex. Our grandparents told us never to discuss these topics at the dinner-table or with strangers, but we are passionate about Freedom, Civil Liberties and the Democratic Process!

    Shaving is a choice, and what method you use is up to you: Safety Razor, Straight, Electric, or Cartridge. And for that matter, Waxing, Threading, Laser or…

    Within the Safety Razor realm, there are dozens of blade options, and we really like the Dorco, Personna, and Derby lines – and that is why we sell them. It dawned on us that these are manufactured in Democratic countries and it made us shave with pride!

    And then we realized that each borders on a profoundly un-Democratic Neighbor.

    • The Dorco ST300 is an amazingly mild and forgiving blade. It cuts close and gives an irritation-free shave. We recommend these blades for DE beginners and for people with a very sensitive skin. South Korea has been a democracy since 1948, and is sometimes called “The Land of the Morning Calm”.
    • Derby Extras are Turkish Delights. One of the most popular blades in the world, they are also very complex in their construction: steel, platinum, tungsten, chromium, ceramic, and teflon coating. Wow, a Serious Shave! Turkey is one of my favorite countries to travel, and I have gotten a number of shaves from Barbers there. Turkey was founded as a constitutional democratic republic in 1923 by Kemal Mustafa Ataturk – and is bordered by Iran and Iraq (one of the worlds youngest Democracies!)
    • The Red boxed Personna blades are distributed by the well-known American Safety Razor company, but manufactured in Israel. It was a very good year, 1948, a very good year for young countries. The Personna blades offer a fantastic shave for the price, and are a great balance between the Derby’s and Dorco’s.

    Shave with pride, knowing that you have the choice between wasteful cartridges and amazing safety razors … and have the choice on who represents us locally, nationally, and internationally – please vote this November!

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    Ever wondered about the lyrics for American Pie? This video is chock full of amazing icons of the 50’s and 60’s

    By golly, I might just get it!

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    We have examined Closer Cuts and the Double Digit Savings in Double Edge Shaving – these are all individual and personal benefits of Safety Razors.

    How does double-edge shaving affect the surrounding world? There are definite ecological and environmental benefits!

    Handle: The RetroRazor is constructed of a hefty copper alloy and chrome. It will last for years of service without becoming obsolete. When it does wear out, it can be fully recycled.
    Disposable Razors are a travesty – with 98% of the Razor being plastic, and with the metal blade embedded, they are not practically recyclable.

    Blades: The double edge blades used in Safety Razors are incredibly resource efficient – it is just a single strip of metal!

    We used to recommend placing your blades in a ‘blade bank’ made of an empty tin can with a slot cut in the side, and then recycling the can when it gets full. Tom Watson, Eco-Consumer Columnist of the Seattle Times, recommends wrapping them well in paper and disposing with household garbage. ”  I believe that could pose a risk for the people who process recyclables on a sorting line (at plants like this – http://www.wmnorthwest.com/cascaderecycling/profile.html). What if the blades fall out of the can, or people don’t do it the way you suggest? Those blades are such a small amount of waste (and are more efficient by being double-sided) that your razor is still a very green product…”

    Cartridge blades are made of plastic, metal, rubber, and ‘lubricating strips’ – Recycle That!

    Blade Packaging: Double Edge blades are typically wrapped in a small piece of waxed paper, and in a small plastic container. Sometimes, there will be a cardboard hangtag
    Infuriating are the multiple layers of plastic casing and blister packing found with cartridges Razors.

    Batteries found in the Fusion and the expensive Electric Razors are hazardous to the environment. 99% of the population do not separate their batteries from garbage, especially rechargeable batteries!

    Save Money, Save the Environment
    Think Globally, Shave Locally!


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    “Just what I always wanted: Shaving Scum!”