How close of a shave and is it safe?

Safety Razors give an amazing shave. Better than disposables.  The risk of nicks and cuts are the same as with a disposable razor. It takes a bit of time to get used to shaving: angle and pressure are critical, and you make multiple passes. But amazing results!

How Eco Friendly are Safety Razors?

Safety Razor blades reduce waste by up to 97% vs. plastic and cartridge razors. There is minimal packaging for replacements, and the blade itself is only a single strip of metal. The mass of a blade is .6g vs. 5g for a Fusion head.

Can blades be recycled?

No. Most recyclers hand sort, and blades are sharp. Collect used blades in a tin can, and after a decade dispose of them. Sleep well knowing you reduced your shaving footprint magnitudes!

How many shaves can I expect from each blade?

It depends on the amount of surface area and hair. Typical usage is three-four shaves for a thick beard, two to three shaves for legs, however those with finer hair can get many more shaves. It is an experiment, but with $.15 cent blades, its not a huge deal.

Where can I get more blades?

Once you find the right blade, go to RetroRazor.com to order more. In a pinch, blades can be found at most full drugstores.

Why did safety razors disappear?

They didn’t! Half of the world still uses them! In the mid 1970’s Gillette and Schick. realized more money was in expensive heads and planned obsolescence! Number of blades has quintupled and blade prices are ridiculous. Marketing malarky if you ask us!

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