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“…I had never tried a safety razor before,but after purchasing this RetroRazor, I have to say that I will never go back to disposable or electric razors ever again. This razor gives you a shave the Sweeney Todd would be proud of … It is a truly excellent shaving experience.”

-Greg G.

“Whoever says this is a man’s razor, has not met my legs. I recommend RetroRazor to every lady looking for the smoothness of a wax, without the pain and financial burden.” – Rebecca G.

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How Does the RetroRazor Work?

Just twist to open and insert a new blade!

Shave in multiple passes – with the grain, and across the grain to start with.

When you get more experienced, you can go against the grain for an even closer shave!

It takes a bit longer to shave with a safety razor, but with time, it becomes second nature.

I am the first to admit that I still keep my cartridge razor handy, for a dirty shave – but it gives me no joy!

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Highest quality shave with a Safety Razor

Classic safety razors, have one blade that glides micrometers above the skin. The shave is simply amazing – without the irritation and stubble that you get from multiple blades. More blades lead to drag and irritate.

And possibility of nicks and cuts? It’s the same as a normal razor, in our experience, very rare…it is called a safety razor for a reason!

How much does it cost? Save Hundreds of Dollars

This is where it gets good! Replacement blades are Cheap, Dirt Cheap! $.15 to $.40 cents per week for the best shave you can get. $15 – $40 for an entire years worth of the highest quality Platinum and Teflon Razor Blades! Every subsequent year you pay for the cheap replacement blades.

Save hundreds of dollars a year over regular multi-blade cartridge (such as the Fusion, Mach 3, Quattro, or disposable razors). Seriously. This is big money over time!

In an economy like ours, every last dime counts, and moving to a safety razor can save you and your family significant money. This is technology from the Great Depression – but with 21st century blades.

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Reduce Waste by 97% with the RetroRazor

According to the EPA, two billion disposable razors are landfilled annually. 2,000,000,000.

Double edge blades are incredibly resource efficient it is just a single strip of metal!

Safety Razor razor blades have minimal packaging and plastic waste. Double Edge blades are wrapped in a small piece of waxed paper, and in a small container the size of a matchbox. Even with the packaging, they have 97% less material than disposables.

Wrap used blades tightly in paper and dispose with your household garbage – please don’t recycle.

Batteries found in the Fusion and the expensive Electrics are hazardous to the environment.

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Three key factors in Old School shaving with a Safety Razor:


A hefty, well balanced razor handle gives you the control to shave close but without nicks and cuts.

Safety razors are often categorized by aggressiveness, a function of the gap between the blade and the guard. A small blade gap will minimize nicks and irritation, but may require a few passes to get a baby-smooth shave. The Weishi is a great example.  Some safety razors, such as the Merkur Slant, are designed with a larger blade gap to give a closer shave but requiring more care. There are even adjustable razor handles that allow you to dial in the amount of blade exposed.

Typically Forged from copper alloy and chrome, RetroRazors of all types will give years of close shaving. You can often find vintage safety razors from the 1930’s through 1960’s that have plenty of life remaining!


Unlike multiblade cartridges that can irritate and cause ingrown hair, the single edge safety razor cleanly slices through the hair shaft like a samurai sword. Platinum and teflon coating the surgical stainless steel give the closest shave possible with less irritation. Different blades have different characteristics: there is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ or ‘best’ blade.

Our strong advice: Get a blade sampler pack. You will have options to experiment with, and over the course of a few dozen shaves, the best blade will rise to the top.  Once you discover your own ‘Best Blade’, buy them in bulk to save a ton of money!

Brush and Lather:

Preparing your face (or legs) for shaving is the third crucial element, and one that is open to experimentation and personal preference. Some prefer shaving creams over shaving soaps; There are debates about synthetic brushes to natural badger or boar due to concerns about cruelty. Potions and Lotions abound, and it is all your choice – Even a $2 puck of Williams Mug Soap will do you good!

However, it is vital that you prepare your skin with adequate emollients prior to shaving.

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