Your face has been battle toughened and scarred by years of sun exposure and shaving, but it is also some of the thinnest and most sensitive skin on the body.

Wet Shaving improves the health of your face, through simple natural products and techniques that keep your skin healthy and refreshed.

The goal of Wet Shaving is to keep your face and beard supple by lathering heavily with a fine shave soap or cream and plenty of water. Some Wet Shavers apply a pre-shave conditioner or oil to further soften the wiry beard, and many shave after showering when the beard has been steamed into submission. By preparing a well-groomed shaving field, the face will be resilient to the upcoming shave.

Sharp blades reduce bumps and ingrowth
Double edge razors are extremely simple and effective- Most contemporary blades are edged with exotics such Platinum and Teflon, but above all, they have extraordinarily sharp and keen edges. As the razor cuts the beard, it will glide micrometers above the skin with little or no pressure on the face. This allows for a smooth shave, but without the irritation that many find with the multi-blade pivot razor. The action of shaving is micro-exfoliation, sloughing off the old and in with the new.

A reviewer on Amazon wrote this ditty:
I have been plagued with chronic acne and razor-burn all my life.
Then I discovered the Weishi, and my life changed.
Now, I have a glow on my face and a skip in my pace.
Thank you, Weishi.

The commercials by Gillete and Schick have slick computer-generated animations of the first Blade lifting up the hair, and the second blade swooping in for the cut. Common Sense dictates that cutting the hair below the surface of the skin creates a shorter cut, but with the possibility of ingrown hairs, bumps, irritation, redness – aka Razor Burn.

Polish and Protect
After the shave, it is important to protect the freshly shorn face from the elements. Classic shaving brings centuries of emollients, balms, lotions, and potions to contemporary scientific knowledge. I take a three step approach to Polishing and Protecting the post-shave face:

Astringent to disinfect and tone the skin
Conditioner – to moisturize for the day
Sunscreen – to protect against UV rays