I was working on a tour forĀ Rick Steves, and while traveling through Italy, in the Cinque Terre, I discovered the secret to the Ultra-Close shave…

It was a classic Safety Razor.

I was surprised that fashion-forward Italian Men and Women used old-style shaving, but as I learned more, I came to understand that Classic Shaving is so amazing that Gillette and Schick – the original inventors of Safety Razors, have been suppressing it in favor of high profit multi-blade razors.

I discovered how to save Hundreds of Dollars per year on Blades, reduce my eco-footprint, and get a darn good shave!

We searched high and low for the best Beginner Razor, and discovered the perfect manufacturer to make a high quality, but gentle razor – Weishi – and since then have integrated their best-selling model into beginner sets that save you money.

We welcome you to the RetroRazor family, and promise that you will never shave the same again!

Chadd Bennett

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