This page is the source for owners information on your RetroRazor, and other Shaving Resources.

We hope you are enjoying your RetroRazor Safety Razor!
Thank you for your purchase: We have sought out the best value in classic shaving implements. Whether you are a brand new user, or a RetroRazor Veteran, we hope you find this information useful.

How to Shave

RetroRazor Instructional Insert

How-To Shave Video’s (by Mantic59)

LeisureGuy’s Guide to Shaving: Online (excerpts) and hardcopy.
This bible resides near my shaving sink for quick reference.

Care for your RetroRazor

The RetroRazor will last for years with simple care and upkeep.

  1. Dry the Handle after each shave, but don’t rub the towel on the blade itself. Some soak the razor in rubbing alcohol (or Vodka) for extra hydrophobia.
  2. Clean the handle with a bit of Scrubbing Bubbles or other cleaner when you change the blade (every 3-4 shaves, typically).
  3. Once a month, give an overnight bath in warm diluted vinegar
  4. Don’t overtighten the handle – you could strip the mechanism
  5. Twice a year, put a few drops of Mineral Oil in the mechanism to keep things moving.

Replacement Blades

Replacement blades are one of my favorite aspect of the Safety Razor. Blades are utilitarian and cheap!

Many of our kits include a sampler of blades for you to try. Blade performance is variable. Individuals have different preferences for manufacturer, depending on beard, skin type, and desired sharpness.

The links below will give you a variety of options for blades.

RetroRazor Blade Store

West Coast Shaving

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