Classic double-edge (DE) safety razors have just one, extremely sharp blade that glides micrometers above the skin. The shave is simply amazing and without the irritation and stubble that you get from multiple blades.

    Unlike multi-blade cartridge razors, safety razors are infinitely customizable: you can easily adjust your hand position and thus the angle of the blade; change to a sharper or gentler brand of blade; or in the case of adjustable razors, the gap between the guard and the blade.

    Nicks and cuts? Once you get comfortable, it is similar to a cartridge razor, in our experience, very rare…it is called a safety razor for a reason! Of course there is a learning curve, but after a few shaves you will be fine.



    Replacement safety razor blades are cheap, dirt cheap! 100 high-quality Platinum and Teflon coated blades cost between $5 and $30, or $.05 to $.30 cents each. If you change your blade every three shaves, one hundred blades will last about a year.

    Save hundreds of dollars a year over regular multi-blade cartridge (such as the Fusion, Mach 3, Quattro, or disposable razors). Seriously. This is big money over time!

    In an economy like ours, every last dime counts, and moving to a safety razor can save you and your family significant money. This is technology from the Great Depression – but with 21st century blades.


    97% LESS WASTE

    According to the EPA, two billion disposable razors are landfilled annually. 2,000,000,000.

    Double edge blades are incredibly resource efficient it is just a single strip of metal, wrapped in a small piece of waxed paper, and in a small container the size of a matchbox. Even with the packaging, they have 97% less material than disposables.

    Wrap used blades tightly in paper and dispose with your household garbage – please don’t recycle.



    Time – it takes much longer to shave with a safety razor than with the multi-blade cartridges sold today. With preparation, lathering and shaving, figure at least 10 minutes.

    Upfront Cost – While the savings come from the ten-cent replacement blades, your first safety razor and double-edge blades will cost between $20 and $100, with $50 being the sweet spot.

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