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    This just in from Rebecca G.

    I have always hated to shave. I mean it’s tedious and often causes cuts and nicks (how very unladylike). And yet, being from a family where women are still women, I wouldn’t dare walk out that door showing hair that was not on my head.

    I have tried every razor under the sun (and waxing to boot). Shaving has always brought on horrifying cases of razor burn. I even ended up spending an afternoon soaking my legs in freezing water to bring down the swelling before a night out. I turned to waxing. It was a great alternative until I got my credit card bill. Unwilling (and unable) to spend that much on beauty, I stumbled upon the RetroRazor.

    The RetroRazor means I can shave, without razor burn, with very little monetary expense to myself. My legs are just as smooth as waxing, but without the painful ripping and the even more painful bill. Whoever says this is a man’s razor, has not met my legs. I recommend RetroRazor to every lady looking for the smoothness of a wax, without the pain and financial burden.


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