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    We have examined Closer Cuts and the Double Digit Savings in Double Edge Shaving – these are all individual and personal benefits of Safety Razors.

    How does double-edge shaving affect the surrounding world? There are definite ecological and environmental benefits!

    Handle: The RetroRazor is constructed of a hefty copper alloy and chrome. It will last for years of service without becoming obsolete. When it does wear out, it can be fully recycled.
    Disposable Razors are a travesty – with 98% of the Razor being plastic, and with the metal blade embedded, they are not practically recyclable.

    Blades: The double edge blades used in Safety Razors are incredibly resource efficient – it is just a single strip of metal!

    We used to recommend placing your blades in a ‘blade bank’ made of an empty tin can with a slot cut in the side, and then recycling the can when it gets full. Tom Watson, Eco-Consumer Columnist of the Seattle Times, recommends wrapping them well in paper and disposing with household garbage. ”  I believe that could pose a risk for the people who process recyclables on a sorting line (at plants like this – What if the blades fall out of the can, or people don’t do it the way you suggest? Those blades are such a small amount of waste (and are more efficient by being double-sided) that your razor is still a very green product…”

    Cartridge blades are made of plastic, metal, rubber, and ‘lubricating strips’ – Recycle That!

    Blade Packaging: Double Edge blades are typically wrapped in a small piece of waxed paper, and in a small plastic container. Sometimes, there will be a cardboard hangtag
    Infuriating are the multiple layers of plastic casing and blister packing found with cartridges Razors.

    Batteries found in the Fusion and the expensive Electric Razors are hazardous to the environment. 99% of the population do not separate their batteries from garbage, especially rechargeable batteries!

    Save Money, Save the Environment
    Think Globally, Shave Locally!


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