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    Here at RetroRazor, we are pretty low-key about politics, religion, and sex. Our grandparents told us never to discuss these topics at the dinner-table or with strangers, but we are passionate about Freedom, Civil Liberties and the Democratic Process!

    Shaving is a choice, and what method you use is up to you: Safety Razor, Straight, Electric, or Cartridge. And for that matter, Waxing, Threading, Laser or…

    Within the Safety Razor realm, there are dozens of blade options, and we really like the Dorco, Personna, and Derby lines – and that is why we sell them. It dawned on us that these are manufactured in Democratic countries and it made us shave with pride!

    And then we realized that each borders on a profoundly un-Democratic Neighbor.

    • The Dorco ST300 is an amazingly mild and forgiving blade. It cuts close and gives an irritation-free shave. We recommend these blades for DE beginners and for people with a very sensitive skin. South Korea has been a democracy since 1948, and is sometimes called “The Land of the Morning Calm”.
    • Derby Extras are Turkish Delights. One of the most popular blades in the world, they are also very complex in their construction: steel, platinum, tungsten, chromium, ceramic, and teflon coating. Wow, a Serious Shave! Turkey is one of my favorite countries to travel, and I have gotten a number of shaves from Barbers there. Turkey was founded as a constitutional democratic republic in 1923 by Kemal Mustafa Ataturk – and is bordered by Iran and Iraq (one of the worlds youngest Democracies!)
    • The Red boxed Personna blades are distributed by the well-known American Safety Razor company, but manufactured in Israel. It was a very good year, 1948, a very good year for young countries. The Personna blades offer a fantastic shave for the price, and are a great balance between the Derby’s and Dorco’s.

    Shave with pride, knowing that you have the choice between wasteful cartridges and amazing safety razors … and have the choice on who represents us locally, nationally, and internationally – please vote this November!

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